EU-Turkey Deportation Regime

Deportation regime is a  system and the ordered doing of deportations. A deportation regime refers to more than a bilateral collaboration between two sovereign nation states such as Greece and Turkey. Rather, policies, rules and legislation, the Hellenic Police, Frontex, EASO, IOM and private tourist company all together facilitate deportations. This network of different state and non-state actors that facilitate deportations we describe as the EU-Turkey deportation regime. In this section we will explore and make visible the different elements that constitute the EU-Turkey deportation regime and write in-depth analysis.

Deportations as Business Model follows the financial flows surrounding the semi-privatized deportation practices.

The Prison within the Prison within the Prison analyzes the detention complex of Moria Camp on Lesvos, explains legal grounds and the practice of detention in the pre-removal centre and follows the stories of individuals in detention.

Infrastructure of Deportation: The text gives a general overview about deportations from Greece to Turkey, focusing on the infrastructural network that facilitates deportations from Lesvos to Turkey.

Joint Statement. Stop Deportations to Turkey: The statement of the ‘Legal Centre Lesbos’ and ‘Deportation Monitoring Aegean’ analyses and criticizes the living situation for migrants on the Greek Islands, practices of deportations from Greece to Turkey and migrant detention in Greece.

The Myth of Voluntary Deportations: The post examines the consequences and background of the IOM programme for Assisted Voluntary Return and Re-integration (AVRR) from Greece.