18 January 2018, Lesvos – Turkey

Date & time 18.01.2018, 11 am – 1 pm
Means of transportation Two buses (green & white) & Ferry (Esref Jale)
Number & gender Officially 21 men (we counted ~ 20 ppl)
Nationalities 9 from Pakistan, 4 from Congo, 2 from Iran, 2 from Algeria, 1 from Morroco, 1 from Guinea, 1 from Sudan, 1 from Afghanistan

official source 

Islands 11 from Lesvos, 2 from Chios, 1 from Leros, 7 from Kos

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Particularities Among the people deported was a young man from Algeria who had tried to committ suicide in the last three weeks before his deportation (he had 2nd rejection of his asylum claim)

19 with a refusal the grant of international protection status in the second degree, one upon waiving of a request for international protection status, and one after an interruption of the examination of the request (source: mindigital)

First deportation, after 5 weeks

One big rental car with the back in front of ferry for 3 minutes 20 minutes before buses arrived (not sure, if something was uploaded)