Deportations to Turkey – overview: December 2019

Dates06.12., 13.12., 19.12., 20.12.
Number & Nationality26 (3 from Pakistan, 8 from Syria, 6 from Afghanistan, 4 from Iraq, 1 from Morocco, 1 from Nigeria, 3 unknown) source1 source2
Islands10 from Lesvos, 7 from Samos, 7 from Kos, 2 from Chios (source: different tables from here)
Reasons for Deportation13: withdrew their will to apply for asylum
12: negative decision on asylum claim at 2nd instance
1: case closed for other reasons
Particularities06.12. & 20.12.: People directly brought to port from Moria, not from police station.
13.12.: One deportee was not able to walk, frontex escort had to help him to get to the bus. This person was taken off the bus again and was not deported then. We monitored 9 deportees, officials published 10 deportees.
19.12.: One deportation at the airport in Mytilini/Lesvos by plane with 4 men was monitored. One doctor accompanied this 4 men during their deportation. 4 more people were deported that day according to the official statistics.