17 January 2020, Lesvos – Turkey

Date & Time17th of January, 13.28 pm (Ferry)
Means of Transportation small blue police bus & Ferry (Turyol)
Number & Gender11 (at least 8 men)
Nationalitiespeople from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia source
Islands7 from Lesvos, 1 from Samos, 2 from Kos, 1 from another island source
Particularities – 8 people were directly brought to port from Moria, not from police station
– difficult to count: 8 men were monitored, but it cannot be ruled out that more people were deported
– large time gap (90 minutes) between the arrival of frontex escort and deportees
video of the deportation was published by Notis Mitarachi ( Minister of Immigration and Asylum)