24 January 2020, Lesvos – Turkey

Date & Time24th January, 13:28 pm (Ferry)
Means of Transportationsmall blue police bus & Ferry (Esref Jale)
Number & Gender9 men
Nationalities4 from Afghanistan, 3 from Iraq, 1 from Algeria, 1 from Ghana, 1 from Pakistan (source: UNHCR)
Islands7 from Lesvos, 2 from Samos, 1 from Leros source
Reasons for Deportation5: negative decision at 2nd instance
3: withdrawal of asylum claim
1: discontinue of asylum procedure at 1st instance
1: discontinue of asylum procedure at 2nd instance
(source: UNHCR)
Particularities– one person was brought back from the ferry and was then not deported (see articel here), three other people were deported despite ongoing asylum procedure
officials published 10 deportees, UNHCR as well