FreeTheMoria6 – After the Fire in Moria Camp: Call for a fair and transparent trial for the accused Moria 6 based on the presumption of innocence

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On 11 June 2021, the trial against four of the six teenage migrants accused of burning down Moria Camp on Lesvos Island will take place on the neighbouring island Chios.

Human rights organizations, NGOs and activists joined together to express their deep concerns against the upcoming trial in a common statement. They stress that the defendants’ right to a fair and just trial based on the presumption of innocence is not guaranteed and that the four migrants are instead made scapegoats for the inhumane EU migration policy.

The groups highlight that from the moment of their arrest and before any due process of law, the six teenage migrants have been presented to the public as the culprits. Two co-accused minors were already convicted to prison sentences in March, despite lack of evidence and a trial riddled with irregularities.

We stand in solidarity with the Moria 6 and against the deadly European border regime!
Help us to show to the EU, the Greek state and the court system that we demand a fair and transparent trial based on the presumption of innocence!

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