Deportations to Turkey – overview: January 2018

Number & Nationality47 ( 22 from Syria, 10 from Pakistan, 5 from Algeria, 4 from Congo, 2 from Iran, 1 from Afghanistan, 1 from Morocco, 1 from Guinea, 1 from Sudan) source1 source2 source3
Islands23 from Lesvos, 8 from Chios, 6 from Samos, 9 from Kos, 1 from Leros (different tables from here)
Reasons for Deportation30: negative decision on asylum claim at 2nd instance
12: withdrew their asylum claim
4: withdrew their will to apply for asylum
1: Case closed for other reasons
ParticularitiesAmong the people deported was a young man from Algeria who had tried to committ suicide in the last three weeks before his deportation. see here