Deportations to Turkey – overview: June 2019

Number & Nationality18 (2 from Pakistan, 6 from Syria, 3 from Afghanistan, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from Iran, 1 from Cameroon, 1 from Lebanon, 1 from Uzbekistan, 1 Palestinian and 1 unknown) source1 source2 source3
Islands11 from Kos, 4 from Samos, 3 from Lesvos (different tables from here)
Reasons for Deportation9: negative decision on asylum claim at 2nd instance
9: withdrew their asylum claim
ParticularitiesOne man from Iran was exempted from the deportation list, because a lawyer took his case the evening before the deportation and submited an application of annulment.

One person was resisting his deporation inside the police van.