Deportations to Turkey – overview: October 2019

Dates11.10., 17.10., 18.10., 25.10.
Number & Nationality36 (4 from Pakistan, 8 from Syria, 1 from Bangladesh, 6 from Iraq, 1 from Iran, 5 from Egypt, 2 from Nigeria, 3 from Cameroon, 6 unknown) source1 source2 source3
Islands 7 from Lesvos, 4 from Chios, 2 from Samos, 3 from Leros, 18 from Kos, 2 from another island (source: different tables from here)
Reasons for Deportation24: negative decision on asylum claim at 2nd instance
9: withdrew their asylum claim
2: case closed for other reasons
1: negative decision on asylum claim at 1st instance
Particularities11.10.: Deportation was not monitored by us and unclear from which island the deportaion took place.
17.10.: – One operation at the airport in Mytilini/Lesvos by plane with 4 people (2 men, 1 woman and 1 child) was monitored, which seemed to be a deportation (accompanied by frontex).
– 4 more people were deported that day according to the official statistics.
18.10.: Deportation carried out directly from Kos by the ferry. (Number of people in this deportation unclear.)
25.10.: The official statistics date this deportation to the 24th of October. But the operation was observed on the 25th of October.

– 8 persons deported had submitted an application of annulment before the administrative court (2nd appeal) that was not considered (see report)