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This publication is an attempt to challenge the existing mainstream discourses about the ‘border crisis’ on Lesvos. It is a collection of writings of people who lived or have lived on Lesvos Island and who experienced the border regime first hand.


The Death of Dreams (Aftab)

Deportation as Business Model (DM Aegean)

The Lesvos Refugee Crisis as Disaster Capitalism (Anja)

House of Lies (Roman)

One Blood (Aref)

Why I hate My Burgundy Passport (Matt)

Stop Deportations to Turkey (DM Aegean/ Legal Centre Lesvos)

Statement by 5 of the Accused Moria 35

Announcement (Assembly of NGO employees on Lesvos)

Prison Island Lesvos (Valeria)

You can’t stop (a) movement (xP)