Deportations to Turkey – overview: January 2020

Dates10.01., 17.01., 24.01., 27.01., 30.01.
Number & Nationality52 (6 from Pakistan, 6 from Syria, 3 from Algeria, 14 from Afghanistan, 15 from Iraq, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from Morocco, 1 from Egypt, 1 from Cameroon, 1 from Dem. Rep. of the Congo, 1 from Ghana, 1 from Somalia, 1 from Tunisia) source1 source2 source3 (source4 source5)
Islands30 from Lesvos, 2 from Chios, 12 from Samos, 7 from Kos, 1 from Leros, 1 from another island (different tables from here)
Reasons of Deportation25: negative decision on asylum claim at 2nd instance
10: negative decision on asylum claim at 1st instance
8: withdrew their asylum claim
6: withdrew their will to apply for asylum
4: case closed for other reasons
– 8 people were directly brought to port from Moria, not from police station
– difficult to count: 8 men were monitored, but it cannot be ruled out that more people were deported
– large time gap (90 minutes) between the arrival of frontex escort and deportees
video of the deportation was published by Notis Mitarachi ( Minister of Immigration and Asylum)

– one person was brought back from the ferry and was then not deported (see articel here), three other people were deported despite ongoing asylum procedure
officials published 10 deportees, UNHCR as well; we monitored 9 deportees